December 30, 2011

Some monopolists I detest

Sep Blatter :: Football

Fidel Castro :: Cuban life

Carlos Slim :: Mexican life & Latin American telecommunications

Vladimir Putin :: Russian life

Marcel Reich-Raniky :: German literature

Pope :: Human behavior
Nicky Oppenheimer :: Diamonds
Wall Street :: World's Economy

Anna Wintour :: Fashion
Kikkoman :: Soy sauce for sushi


Ana said...

The list is long!
I believe it would take months to publish the monopolists.
Don't you have another soy sauce brand?
I can send you from here if you like it.
Happy new year!!!!

Yaotzin Botello said...

¿Tuviste broncas recientemente en un sushi?

Enrique G de la G said...

Jajaja, para nada, pero en Alemania y Mx la misma marca...