December 7, 2012

Censorship and Ronald McDonald

We all know that Putin put three Pussy Riot girls in jail, allegedly due to an immoral performance, which harmed religious views. Or whatever.

Now, some Russian visitors to Hermitage have complained that Jake & Dinos Champan's new work, End of Fun, hurts their religious views.

It is stupid to stop art due to religious motives, specially if it is in a museum: if you are afraid it will hurt you, simply do not go to the show. Otherwise, it will permanently be used by leaders as an excuse for censorship.

The installation resembles a set of little toys, but they are truly horrible representations of evil and hell. And, as English always do, tons of nazi motives are present.

The second aspect of the piece which is worth noting is Ronald McDonald, as sort of a bad joke to our generation. I thought of Banksy: it seems that English artists really do not like this stupid boogeyman. "The kind of clown who's lost humor, come back to touch children and make us felt sick", as Jake Chapman put it.

If I were Bishop of the McDonaldean Church, I would also say that this "pseudo art" is nothing else than harm to my faith.

White Cube Gallery has posted a super interesting interview with the Chapmans, completed with great zoom ins.

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