March 24, 2010

Photographing time

How to capture time with/in a shot? Doing something like this! Ask Philip Zuan.

March 23, 2010

The biggest problem

"I understand the passion for a life that is made, not bought."
Peggy Orenstein (The Femivore)

Brigitte Bardot

* * *
I take it that the biggest problem of our generation regarding relationships is to understand the wishes and necessities of girls, who want and deserve to have a life and a work. But somehow, our parents didn't teach us to deal with that, either to their sons nor to their daughters.

And although everybody might agree upon this basic considerations, it is still a problem in daily life. A matter of priorities: career, family. And a matter of needs: work, partnership. And a matter of limits: money, time, geographical location.

Try to deal with that! As I see it, this situation was unknown for the previous generations.

March 15, 2010

Leído en un parque de San Ángel

"Vale más la gracia de la imperfección que la perfección sin gracia"

March 12, 2010


Benjamin Biolay got probably bored of Chiara Mastroiani after some time living together, and they broke up. Some days ago, it is rumored, Biolay kicked Sarko's ass, and Carla Bruni moved to his place. Thi guy, Biolay, seems to me to be the most powerful French alive. A pity, though, that his tunes are becoming so mainstream: go to Galerie Kaufhof and you'll listen his songs on the loudspeakers. Now, he got Carla next to him...

So the plan seems to make a Biolay-tour-de-force and kick Marc Sánchez' ass (HR) or, at least, Andy Rodick's (BD)...

Some anonymous girl, Hilary Rhoda, Brooklyn Decker

March 10, 2010

"La dicha", de J.L. Borges

El que abraza a una mujer es Adán. La mujer es Eva.
Todo sucede por primera vez.


Nada hay tan antiguo bajo el sol.
Todo sucede por primera vez, pero de un modo eterno.
El que lee mis palabras está inventándolas.

Foto: Hilary Rhoda

March 9, 2010

Viena :: "En busca del tercer hombre"

Hace un año, más o menos, publiqué una nota sobre Viena en "La Tempestad". Apenas ahora me resulta posible presentar el texto aquí.

Foto: Gasómetro

March 8, 2010

The sad flea market

I spent the weekend offline, trying to minimize my use of the computer. So I decided to go to the flea market, a 15 minute walk from home. I saw sad faces...

March 1, 2010

Selfportrait à la Toscana

Little red mail plane

Geoffrey Firmin: "Sometimes, when I see the little red mail plane fly in from Acapulco at seven in the morning over the strange hills, or more probably hear... I think that you will be on it, on that plane every morning as it goes by, and will have come to save me. Then the morning goes by and you have not come. But oh, I pray for this now, that you will come [...] come back to me, Yvonne, if only for a day [...]"

Malcolm Lowry, Under the volcano