December 30, 2018

Bike charger — Amsterdam 297/365

So you want to charge your phone in the airport? You’ll charge it only if you actively use the pedals.
Again, KLM and Schiphol are the best experiences if flying from/to Europe.

December 29, 2018

Leaving my neighborhood — San Pedro Garza García 296/365

When entering our neighborhood, this is the first sign you see. We always knew that there were black bears in our mountains, but they started coming down to our homes some 15 years ago. The last one my relatives saw was 2 years ago.

Now I’m heading back to Berlin, a city founded in 1275 by a guy whose nickname was “The Bear”, a fact which serves as an etymological explanation to the origins of the name of the city (Baerlein: the Little Bear).

December 28, 2018

The white room — Monterrey 295/365

This room used to have no window and a door instead of that bizarre bar. This room used to be the pediatric intensive therapy unit. In this room my brother Carlos passed away on his 7th birthday. 
That night, everything was white. Since then, I can’t stand white, and white spaces make me sad.
How many kids died there? How many recovered?

I felt so much pain when, many years later, I discovered that it was being used as a storage room. The death of my brother felt abused.

December 27, 2018

Paula — Monterrey 294/365

¡Bienvenida al mundo! Te vas a divertir un buen.
Felicidades a @catygdelag y a Pedro.

December 26, 2018

The remains of Christmas — San Pedro Garza García 293/365

While Germans celebrate the first and second liturgical days of Christmas, Mexicans party weeks in advance. Yesterday we all ate the leftovers (recalentado), while Germans prepare a nice dish. This is what remained at home: a red cup in the bottom of the swimming pool. And I couldn’t help it but thought of Robert Leo Hulseman, the guy who invented it and passed away recently. He became billionaire with such an easy product, but which is like the cockroach of nuclear parties: indestructible!

December 25, 2018

Huasteca — Santa Catarina 292/365

Como dicen los alemanes, estoy llenando el tanque de sol para la vuelta a Berlín. Lo escribió de manera poética don Alfonso Reyes:
Cuando salí de mi casa
con mi bastón y mi hato,
le dije a mi corazón:
-¡Ya llevas sol para rato!-
Es tesoro —y no se acaba:
no se me acaba— lo gasto.
Traigo tanto sol adentro
que ya tanto sol me cansa.
Yo no conocí en mi infancia
sombra, sino resolana.

December 24, 2018

Estire — Monterrey 291/365

Es una especialidad de aquí poner en las puertas “Estire” en lugar de “Jale”. Estirar el brazo no es sino empujar. No sé de dónde venga pero está bien vaciado.

December 23, 2018

Backhoe — San Pedro Garza García 290/365

I live in Berlin, “the city which is always becoming itself”. I have been coming to Monterrey for the last 2 decades, and my impression this time is that it is experiencing a construction peak. But I’m afraid that the same error is being made here: let’s gentrificate and postpone basic infrastructure. Traffic is very bad, the sewer system is insufficient and ecological impact is poorly considered. This image summarizes my impressions of these days here.

December 22, 2018

My hairdresser — Centrito 289/365

Don Enrique established his shop in 1962 in Río Mississippi. My dad went there as a kid to have his hair done by him. A bit later he relocated to La Cuchilla in Río Orinoco, where he has been since then. He still uses the same sturdy chairs from the beginning—on this one he cut my hair when I turned 7. The interior design of the shop is now very white. In the old times it was blue, on a corner there was a TV with non stop telenovelas, a table with a generous offer of soft porn magazines, a red couch with synthetic leather and always a busty girl with many curves who took care of the cashier. This was the place where you would go if you were proud of your testosterone instead of the sissy Peluquería Americana on the opposite side of the street, which rather tried to be fresa.

December 21, 2018

Al Restaurante — Monterrey 288/365

This is one of the oldest restaurants in town. 75 years ago, the owner took off the doorknob and decided to open 24/7. Like in the Far West saloons, you just push the doors open and you’ll find yourself in the most conspicuous atmosphere. This morning, a homeless was having breakfast next to the new elected major, a large family, my historian friends, and a number of other guests you’ll never find in mainstream places. A feeling of comradeship fall upon us all as we were discussing important topics about local history and future projects and eating our beloved machacado.

December 20, 2018

La carne asada — San Pedro Garza García 287/365

Si no hay carne asada, no has llegado a Monterrey. Y estos dos gemelillos volvieron al terminar las clases en España, y aunque hayan demorado 48 horas en llegar, se asa la carne para recibirlos como se debe. ¡Bienvenidos, @montserratgdelag y @dgdelag!