October 31, 2008

Arendt sobre el '68

No es ni lo óptimo, ni se ajusta a lo acordado hace meses y prometido sucesivamente, pero al menos ya se pueden leer las cartas de Benedict y Arendt sobre el movimiento de los estudiantes en 1968. Aquí.

October 30, 2008

Behlín: Politics & Architecture

Last week I visited an obligatory seminar about Politics & Architecture in Berlin. Quite interesting! Just three pics which I like.

Warm sunrise in East Berlin


Axel Schultes' Kanzleramt

October 23, 2008


T took this pic last week in Washington D.C. Just perfect for these electoral times.


- Then don't you think that a real astronomer will feel the same when he looks at the motions of the stars? He'll believe that the craftsman of the heavens arranged them and all that's in them in the finest way possible for such things. But as for the ratio of night to day, of days to a month, of a month to a year, or of the motions of the stars to any of them or to each other, don't you think he'll consider it strange to believe that they're always the same and never deviate anywhere at all or to try in any sort of way to grasp the truth about them, since they're connected to body and the visible?

- That's my opinion anyway, now that I hear it from you.

- Then if, by really taking part in astronomy, we're to make the naturally intelligent part of the soul useful instead of useless, let's study astronomy by means of problems, as we do geometry, and leave the things in the sky alone.

Plato. Republic 530a-c

October 20, 2008

Wong Kar-wai

Last night I watched again Wong Kar-wai. T recommended me and gave me some months ago Chungking Express, and last night at F's place we gathered to watch two more films of him. There I met a Taiwan girl and her German boyfriend who are really big fans of his films, so big that they even went to see the Chungking Express fast-food bar in Hong Kong, like people traveling to Paris go to Amélie's Montmartre. They say it's in a backyard, full of people who look angry, desperate and dangerous, so they got a little bit scared, and didn't stayed longer there.

The first film of last night was Days of being wild. I didn't like it so much, although it's ok, but this morning, while thinking about it, I got the feeling I would like it more if I watch it again.

The second film was the poetic and marvelous In the mood for love. Everything is perfect in this movie! The music, the light, the photography, the dresses of the actress, the actress, the secrets left in a hole... Just perfect. I even dreamed of it.

And Wong Kar-wai has been teaching me to discover the charm of Asian girls. Excepting Puk, I never thought they could be so charming and beautiful, but these girls are proving that I was completely wrong. First came Faye Wong, and now Maggie Cheung.

October 17, 2008

This stupid week

"Everyone knows how to talk, and no one knows what to say".

Nick Hornby, A long way down, p.213.

October 16, 2008

Jackson Pollock

Fragmento de mi respuesta a un mail de G:

"Y eso de los quark democríteos y el spin epicureísta me hace recordar algo que estuve leyendo hoy, tras quedar conmocionado por la peli de/sobre Pollock: hace unos meses me empezó a interesar más intensamente, no sabía bien por qué, pero ahora lo sé: porque siempre había tenido la impresión de que era un simple escurrir accidental de la pintura sobre el lienzo, pero luego, observando algunos de sus cuadros, me di cuenta de que no, de que son perfectamente armónicos. Luego encontré lo del Blue Brain Project: el mapa del cerebro sigue la misma armonía de los cuadros de Pollock. Y hoy leo que sí, que en efecto, han descubierto un patrón común entre los fractales y sus cuadros. Inverosímil. El cuate sabía cuándo terminar un cuadro y cuándo debía seguir trabajando, e insistía en que no dejaba nada al azar. Ed Harris, que estuvo pintando casi 10 años para entrenarse para el papel, testimonia que, en efecto, no es un simple aventar la pintura así al "ahí se va".

Fotos del famoso artículo de agosto de 1949 en Life.

October 14, 2008

À bout de souffle

Today I watched the awesome À bout de souffle. I'm not an expert, but this is the most cynical, nastiest and funniest Belmondo I've seen. While watching I had to pause to write down some quotations (in Spanish, sorry):

* Lo bonito es despertarse al lado de una chica, no dormirse a su lado.

* Los sentimientos son un lujo que pocas mujeres se permiten.

* - ¿Cuál es su ambición más grande? - Ser inmortal, y después, morir.

But there are a lot of quotations which make you laugh when you read them again. I was laughing so much while watching the movie, and it had been a good preparation for my November trip to Paris.

Jean Seberg is so cute that I resist myself to believe Carlos Fuentes' account of their affaire. I like to believe she would never go out with him, not to say have a single stand. (She looked similar to the shor-haired Dolores O'Riordan of the late 90's.)

Technically, À bout de souffle marked a new era in the history of cinema with the use of cut jumps, handcameras and no studio footage.

October 10, 2008

Nobel vs. USA

In a clear sign against USA, the Literature Nobel Prize was awarded yesterday to Le Clézio. He complained some years ago against the US-American & English action in Chargos. Here is the story.

October 8, 2008

Pro Reli vs. Pro Ethik

The German Constitution says that it is mandatory to have religion class in public schools... But two years ago, the (Roman catholic, à propos) mayor of Berlin and the Senat decided that it would be better to substitute the religion class in the middle high school (7th-10th grades) with ethics classes. The arguments are basically the same we know already since 1789.

So two years ago, some believers (most of them are Roman catholics and Evangelists) started the movement Pro Reli. Last year they were collecting signatures to change this legal disposition. They prefer "free choice" between religion and ethics classes. Since there's a Kirchensteuer (church tax), I think they have the right to protest if they think this new disposition is not fair.

Last year they asked me to support them, but I didn't feel like, so I didn't give them my signature. I just thought it wasn't my call at all.

Today there's also an opposite group called Pro Ethik. They say that Pro Reli wants to cancel the ethics class -- which is not true. And they think that having children of different cultures and religion attending alltogether a common class, i.e. ethics, is much better than dividing them in order ro attend their own religion's class (Muslims, Jews, Evangelists, Roman catholics, Ortodox and even Buddhists -- which is not a religious community, but ok).

The question here is if religion and ethics are the same, or in which sense are they equivalent. As far as I know, morality is just a part of religion. So, no, I don't think they are equivalent. And as far as I can see, since 1789 we can agree that it would be better to have common values despite/beyond the religion or personal believes.

Maybe the best thing to do would be to teach all the kids ethics, and to offer the religion class to the "religious" pupils (whatever that means). This is how the things are nowadays, and what Pro Ethik argues, and defends. If the religious parents really care about religion, I think they should educate their children in a religious way at home, and, since they pay Kirchensteuern, then they should also have the support of the State. If the "religious" children have to spend two more hours at school every week, then Selbstschuld!

Last Sunday, while leaving the church, people of Pro Reli asked me to sign, and suddenly I saw myself signing without enough previously considerations. Since then I've been feeling uncomfortable, and I'm thinking very seriously to go back there and cancel my support.

* * *

Have you noticed how religions and/or religious groups have their own agenda which hardly matches with the agenda of the rest of the world? This makes me (and other people I know, who are also interested in religion) feel stupid.

October 2, 2008


"(...) Pero hay que distinguir varias categorías de ateos: aquellos que creen creer en un Dios vivo y que en realidad piensan y viven como si nunca hubiera existido: son los verdaderos ateos y forman la mayoría de nuestros conciudadanos; los ateos por convicción filosófica, para los que Dios no ha muerto porque nunca existió y que, no obstante, creen en alguno de sus sucedáneos (razón, progreso, historia): son los pseudoateos; y aquellos que aceptan su muerte y tratan de vivir desde esta perspectiva insólita. Son la minoría y pueden dividirse a su vez en dos grupos: los que no se resignan y, como El frenético de Nietzsche, entonan en los templos vacíos su Requiem aeternam deo; y aquellos para quienes el ateísmo es un acto de fe. Ambos viven religiosamente, con ligereza y gravedad, la muerte de Dios. Con ligereza porque viven como si se les hubiese quitado un peso de encima; con gravedad porque al desaparecer el poder divino, sustento de la creación, el suelo se hunde bajo sus pies. Sin Dios el mundo se ha vuelto más ligero y el hombre más pesado".
Octavio Paz, "La persona y el principio" en Corriente alterna, tomo 10 de sus Obras completas, p. 567.

October 1, 2008


There is a wise blog which I like.

I also like the wise subtitle: "Fragile girls. Singing In French. Making Me Sigh. Any questions?".

And I also like one of the wise lines posted some weeks ago: "For people who still can’t get masculine and feminine right, come and learn it from"... and the name of a band.

So, for people who still can't get masculine and feminine right, watch this and learn it from Melissa Mars (mon Dieu!, she makes me sigh) and Louis Bertignac: Les frôleuses. Watch also a cute video and a crazy version, both with Carla B.


Elles sont frôleuses, charmeuses, frileuses
Elles sont brûlantes, fondantes, cassantes, soûlantes,
Elles sont fragiles, dociles, habiles
Elles sont promesses et caresses

Elle sont aimables, gentilles indispensables,
Elles sont en elles maternelles, charnelles,
Elles sont multiples, sensibles, joueuses, flexibles,
Elles sont constantes, touchantes, grandantes,
Ardantes, charmantes, troublantes,

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na
Elles sont douces quand elles touchent ou quand elles s'effarouchent.

Elles sont belles quand elles mentent,
Quand elles cherchent et qu'elles tremblent,
Elles sont soupçon, soupir, frisson, peau douce sourire,
Elles sont inquiètes, soucieuses, extrêmes, exquises,
Pénibles, paisibles, nuisibles, sensibles...

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na

Elles sont charmes, qui désarme qui me coûte des larmes,
Elles sont voix de velours, elles veulent tous les détours,
Elles sont biches ou gazelles, emmerdeuse eternelles,
Elles sont courage...ou foutaise.

Elles sont muses éternelles ou épouses infidèles,
Elles sont longues et puis rondes, dans leurs courbes qui fondent,
Elles sont conteuses d'histoires, et des fables du soir,
Elles sont du genre à y croire...

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na.

Sobre el tinnitus

Desde hace meses traigo un zumbido en los oídos, sobre todo en el derecho. Dos médicos alemanes, parapetados en sus aparatos rebosantes de la más moderna tecnología, dicen que todas las piezas de mis oídos y que mi capacidad auditiva son perfectas... Pero el zumbido persiste.

Aquí algunas divagaciones sobre el tinnitus.