April 24, 2021

Em Rata, Steve McCurry



Emily Ratajkoski's first NFT: the model and her portrait

 The portrait I shoot of Steve McCurry: the artist and his oeuvre





Apple Event 2021, Shirazeh Houshiary

April 19, 2021

Germany's digitalization is ramping!


A nice email

A link to a videoconference

Flanking: Ememem, Jan Vormann

Flanking is the practice of repairing artistically holes in walls and pavement.



Jan Vormann

April 17, 2021

Timelapse Monterrey


 Google Earth created this time lapse of my hometown Monterrey (1984-2020).



April 15, 2021

Live better: Hollywoodland, Bosque de Chapultepec


Both promise to live in the heights above the urban turmoil


Hollywoodland (1924)

 Bosque de Chapultepec (ca. 1930)


Doberman: Helmut Newton, unknown photographer




Swimming pool: Lago di Cuomo, Berlin


Lago di Cuomo






Frida Kahlo, Marco Rizzotti


Frida Kahlo, El autobús (1929)

Marco Rizzotti, Berlin U-Bahn (2021)

Heads up: Berlin, Mexico City


Berlin's Victory Column being relocated by orders from Hitler in 1939

Independence Column being restored after it fall down due to an earthquake in 1957

Berlin's garbage bins: orange, blue


 Official bin


Artistic installation


Distracted: Chaplin, boyfriend



Chaplin at Pay Day (1922)

Distracted boyfriend (2015)

Church: skateboard, tennis


St. Louis, Missouri

San Paolo, Milano


Bags: Trump, Merkel

The Nuclear Football following President Trump

Merkel carrying her own groceries from KaDeWe

Blue & Pink: Hello Playful, Kate Ballis

Kate Ballis

Hallo Playful


Red: Sterling Ruby, Uluru

Sterling Ruby

 Uluru, Australia


Yoda: 14th Century, 1977




Strawberries: restaurant, theme park


A restaurant in Indonesia



A theme park in Germany

Mona Lisa: recovered, Picasso


After being missing for over 2 years, the Mona Lisa was found in Firenze, Italy

Even Picasso was a suspect of stealing the Mona Lisa



Melting: Dalí, Alex Chinnek





April 12, 2021

Melting: Dalí, Alex Chinnek



Alex Chinnek


April 7, 2021

Alfredo de Stefano, Mars

NASA, Ingenuity on Mars (2021)



Alfredo de Stefano, Solo, Namibian Desert (2018)