August 11, 2010

Strive for your dreams

During the World Cup 1998, Jorge Valdano wrote a piece commenting a goal of some player I forgot. On his opinion, that goal was the best one of his career. The main thesis was that it was not an opportunity the player had, but an achievement, a dream he had finally fulfilled.

He used the example of Hugo Sánchez, who stayed daily at least one more hour on the field to train on his own and to dream of his goals. If Valdano was right, Hugo was elaborating in advance his goals in his own mind, just as poets work out slowly and carefully their poems.

One day, the circumstances would align and the player would score "the goal of his life".

Somehow, the same happened to me last week, when a friend of mine posted on her FB a picture I have been dreaming of for some years now. It is a photography by Russian artist Alexander Rodchenko called Steps (1930). It was a strange feeling to see that 80 years ago, my dream had become already true and that I was not aware of it.

But there is a slight difference. In my mind, the woman is going downstairs. One sunny-shadowy day, I will shoot that picture.

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