August 31, 2010

Raquel Zimmermann, Lady Gaga

Last week I visited the atelier of some haute couture designers in the Maximilian Strasse, which is the poshest street in the most expensive city in Germany. Among many other issues, we talked about Lady Gaga, not because of representing haute couture, but because what she does to fashion.

There was a clever observation: Lady Gaga's success is based on the fatigue of people of being massively considered. The capitalism creates a sort of tiredness when you see over and over again the same brands, and the globalization makes it worse when you see the same trends all over the world. It might be that Lady Gaga offers an alternative, a sense of uniqueness.

The theory might or not be a satisfactory explanation, but the capitalistic paradox is omnipresent: Lady Gaga is one of the most successful musicians in the world and was listed by Forbes as one of the most influential people this year. A phenomenon by its own means.

But she is not completely original. For instance, we had seen such a haircut before. British photographer David Sims portrayed Raquel Zimmermann in a Parisian Hôtel for Vogue in 2007. Beyond the furniture and dresses, the haircut seems to me to be the third most important character of these portraits.

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