March 9, 2019

Olivia – Charlottenburg 365/365

My friend Olivia demonstrated today wearing this T-shirt: “Brave men don’t murder”. Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries, specially for women, where they are molested, raped and killed. Always. Non-stop. 7 or 8 women are killed everyday in gender related crimes. This has to stop now.

March 7, 2019

The duck - Zehlendorf 364/365

I still can’t get used to the greenery in the hood: a few forests and lakes. Next to my place, a pond. During the winter, the fishes got frozen in the water; as the spring starts, some of they died, but a few just woke up and started swimming again. Something incredible for a city guy like me. And today I saw the first duck of the year. Isn’t it great to have such fauna just a 90 second walk from your place?

Lagerfeld meets Newton — Zehlendorf 363/365

I’m reposting this because some pious soul found the original pic way too disturbing and flagged it as inappropriate. Thanks for wasting my time.

So, another way nicer person sent me a 350€ Amazon voucher, and for obvious reasons I had to use the chance to expand my Newton collection. The larger book has a foreword by Lagerfeld!

March 5, 2019

DDR meets Schadow — Mitte 362/365

On the right, a contemporary reproduction of the most famous statue by Schadow, the most famous sculptor in Prussia, 19th Century: the princesses of Prussia. Schadow is the guy who sculpted the quadriga on top of Brandenburg Gate, and he used to live in the house on the background.

On the left: one of the nicest examples of East Berlin architecture.

March 3, 2019

This book — Zehlendorf 360/365

I can’t consider myself a fan but I do like a lot bullfighting. My Spanish ancestors had a well known ganadería in Andalucía and some Mexican relatives have a famous one in San Luis Potosí. I will never forget the first time I saw one live and the adrenaline shot I got when I jumped into the arena with a 200 kilo little cow. It’s amazing. I still dream of running in Pamplona, before this gets extinct. Yet, as I am a child of my time, I understand the current arguments against bullfighting. Francis Wolf is a worldwide famous scholar specialized in Greek Philosophy, who happens to be a big fan of bullfight. So, I plan to analyze my beliefs and convictions to see if I change my mind or not. This is the first step.

March 2, 2019

War scars — Mitte 359/365

Since I first moved to Berlin, I’ve been haunted by this building in front of the Museums Island: a magnificent façade that shows the scars of the war, the best example I know in town of a building left untouched since 1945. It makes me think, mutatis mutandis, of the Maderistas who entered my grandpa’s town shooting around: a bullet got through the window and was left there for eternity. I remember seeing it almost a century later.

March 1, 2019

Marlene Dietrich’s birth house — Schöneberg 358/365

“I am, thanks God, Berlinerin”, she once said. And she packed her things, gave a finger to Hitler, migrated to the US and actively supported the American troops during the War. Years later, when she came back to Germany, she was publicly abused for having “betrayed” her fatherland. For me, she is the first of a threefold blonde figure, completed by Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Who’s next?

February 28, 2019

Genealogy — Monterrey 357/365

I like researching my family’s past to understand better where I come originally from and just out of curiosity. But I hired a professional genealogist, who just sent me my genealogical tree. This is my maternal grandmother’s lineage, going back to the 17th Century. It proves what we always heard in the family: we are descendants of Jews. The mother of the guy at the very top was imprisoned by the Inquisition; she barely escaped being burned alive at the stake, the penalty given to her brother (my great... uncle) and their Jewish friends. This happened in February 1526 on the Canary Islands, and is very well documented.

February 27, 2019

Morgan +8 — Charlottenburg 356/365

Look at this photogenic guy! A phenomenal +8 from the late 1960s in perfect condition. I just couldn’t believe it I ran into this beautiful machine, whose skeleton (it’s well-known) is not made up of steel but of wood. Yes, all Morgans are built on a wooden frame. Even today.

February 26, 2019

Méjico — Burocracia española 355/365

Quieres hacer trámites con la burocracia española y la grafía de México es Méjico. En 2019. Y no, no se trata de la novela de Antonio Ortuño.

February 25, 2019

The solitude of the library — Stabi 354/365

Mexicans aren’t used to silence, not even in a library. At the Ibero, you have a coffee shop inside (!) the library. I once went with a friend to the ITESM’s library, asked her to lower her voice as we entered, just to listening her yelling around: “We are not in Germany, here you can be as loud as you want.” German libraries, on the other hand, are as quiet as a cemetery. And still, users wear earplugs. Many get a better concentration, but I’ve many times observed that it is a response to stress (Germans being super stressed people!).

February 24, 2019

My pen — Zehlendorf 353/365

I was recently talking to a friend about the advantages of writing by hand instead of using a keyboard. I still think better when I use my pen than the computer, but I’ve noticed that my script has become a disaster. I bought this one upon finishing my Ph.D. Montblanc was my first option but after checking them out, I was terribly disappointed by what they offer.