February 8, 2009

"Jesus Camp"

In case you missed it, this documental film (84 minutes) was defeated by "An inconvenient truth" in the Oscar Awards 2006. Despite of this, it is a technically perfect film, with excellent photography, edition and music, and a masterpiece documental film. It is also a scary survey which presents the other face of fundamentalism: not the fanatism of a madrassa in the mountains of Afganistan, but the fundamentalism of christian evangelicals in the hearth of USA, who even worship George Bush... The two ends of the rope meeting each other.

Watching "Jesus Camp" is learning a very inconvenient and uncomfortable truth!


bastl said...

Tio, Que fuerte!

Humberto E. said...

What is the future of this kids? What they are going to do when they wake up of all this fairy-tale atmosphere? I hope they will take it easy... I don't want to see any phsicologic trauma or any pendular-devious-effect... How they are going to get out of that group of people? How confront all the world they have been surrunded by all their life???