November 12, 2009

Malcolm de Chazal dixit

Malcolm de Chazal (1908-1981) is an intriguing author from Mauritius, who wrote thousands of aphorisms. TS gave me some weeks ago his greatest book, Sens Plastique, a collection of obsessions: women, body, love, yellow (like van Gogh!), water, nature... These are bunch of them, picked up by chance.

"The sense of beauty varies from age to age in the track of fashion and progress. Charm alone, from yesterday until the end of time, remains golden and invariable".
Foto: Carla Bruni

"Blue is the acme of purity. Losing yourself in contemplation of the azure sky above washes and cleanses your eyes. After a bath your eyes shine with a blue look".
Foto: Unknown

"We seek out blue, yellow comes to us. The ray of light comes to us, we look for the azure sky. A yellow dress offers itself; blue asks to be taken. Yellow is for women looking for love; blue for available windows".
Foto: Hilary Rhoda (Eres)

"The iris is to the eye what pigment is to the skin, a kind of inner lampshade. The blacker the iris, the more it concentrates the look in the center of the face and "solders" the features together".
Foto: Hilary Rhoda

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