August 23, 2010

Children, victims

This morning, there was a freaky guy knocking on a glass in our building at 4am. The knocking was not very loud, but because of the echo in the internal patio, it became a curiosity. I was thinking, "what a strange hobby this guy has...", when one of the neighbors shouted out of the window:

- "Silence or I will call the police!"

It worked, the knocking stopped.

I realized that if we were in Mexico, the same guy would had shouted "¡Cabrón, cállate o te parto la madre!" (something like: "Fucker, stop it or I will kick your ass!").

This is one of the things I will never understand of Germans: the recurrent help from policemen instead of solving out their problems alone.

Citizens from developed countries are used to the paternalism from the State, just like little children are used to call their Mom when the older sibling is killing them.

But in our corrupted countries, you first suspect from people in power, such as policemen or politicians.

So, there you go: citizens act either as eternal children or as eternal victims.

Fotos: Polizistin Jessica Seiffert (dpa); el poli dormido de Iztapalapa (Miguel, Crapitolio)


Advanced_II@dorados said...

I should say "eternal victims" my dear, and it is getting worse here in Mexico.

Yaotzin Botello said...

Me gusta el punto de vista. El alemán como niño mimado. Pero, mira, creo que también se puede ver de otra forma: confianza en las instituciones. Quizás por eso nos gusta el punto de vista pueril, porque al final nosotros hemos perdido --o ya las teníamos perdidas-- las instituciones. En realidad se trata de tener confianza en algo que tú como ser humano creaste y pagas con tus impuestos o que dejaste que crearan tus antepasados y que permites trascender.

Los policías como los árbitros que ni la FIFA tiene (ese es el ideal).