September 16, 2011

Working women

I was shocked when I first saw the picture below of a bunch of women, very well dressed, completely happy after their shift at work. They are workers at the Manhattan project, which would later kill thousands of Japanese civilians.

Their joyful dresses reminded me of the Lumière brothers' film.

By contrast, two terrible images in Mexico: an exhausted Indian trying to sell a few eggs in a town in Guanajuato, and some prostitutes, who try to look merry at Cartier-Bresson's camera in Mexico City's downtown.

Still frame of the Lumière brothers' film La sortie de l'usine à Lyon (1895)

Female workers of the "Manhattan" atomic bomb project leaving the plant Y-12 in Tennessee (1945)

 Enrique Segarra, Mi pecado fue nacer, San Miguel de Allende (1950)

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Calle Cuauhtemoczin (1964)

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