December 8, 2011

Terrible Photoshop

When I moved to Mexico City some months ago, I was excited about reading again a wonderful magazine, which I had lost of sight because of living in Berlin: Gatopardo.

They react very quickly to issues and I recalled reading great pieces.

But now I am completey frustrated: the editorial work is almost unexistant, many pieces are terribly boring, the correctors seem to be terribly paid or to hate their job, and even the designers are doing a very bad work. 

Check out the terrible use of Photoshop. Just two obvious examples:

1. The right side of Demián Bichir's face was blurred, as if the picture has been done with a high-contrast lens. It looks fake.

2. Even worse is the right eye of Ximena Navarrete: her eyelashes have been bulkied and her eyebrow literally goes out of her face (compare it with her left eye). It looks cheap.

I wish their job will improve next year, we need better magazines here.

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