February 13, 2012


Helmut Newton, A cure for a black eye (1974)

Abbas, A girl holds skulls over her eyes on Nov. 1, 1984 in Mexico City

Alex Veledzimovich

Esther Bubley, West Springfield (1944)

Richard Avedon, Penelope Tree (1966)

Richard Avedon, Maurizio Cattelan, artist, New York, July 8, 2004

George Melly, Brian Griffin (1990)

Lukas Dvorak, Eva Svobodovc (2007)

Daniel Gil Rodrigo, Sam (for Razormonkey 3) (2009)

Graciela Iturbide, Ojos para volar (1991)

Alexander Rodchenko, Portrait of mother (1924)

Le clown lyrique posted a similar collection of images some weeks ago, just after I had started working on this post. That blog is a must!

Adenda (October 2012):

Young Carl Lagerfeld

 Adenda (November 2012):

Rodney Smith

 Adenda (January 2013):

Jean Arp


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