April 11, 2012

Daily objects: Hans-Peter Feldmann & Bárbara Mori

Today opened an exhibition of Hans-Peter Feldmann at the Serpentine Gallery, in London. He is well-know for his humor.

I wasn't aware of his "Handbag" project, but it looks really cool. He asked girls to give him his purse for some hundred euros and all those bags are being shown with their content. The project has the animosity of voyeurism, although only the first name of the owners, their city of procedence and age is known. It's a bit like swaping pictures randomly in Flickr or a public Facebook account.

These are my favorites ones:

This one makes me feel melancholic due to the Gallery Weekend catalogue, the Einstein Café card, the Bonuskarte to get some stamps after watching a film at certain cinemas, for instance. Then the German way of packing shoes in plastic bags, to get comfy afterwards.... Some tampons.

This one has not only euros and dollars, but also Mexican pesos, how neat! Plus a Lufthansa boarding pass, a taxi ticket from Düsseldorf, a card from Cologne, Trident chewing gum, a Moleskine with Arabic words ("Local Artist"), a tampon...

After coming back to Mexico, one of the most striking features I have been observing is the publicity for sanitary napkins. You can see these sort of ridiculous, awful and enormous things, with the Megan-Fox-sosias Bárbara Mori:

European girls prefer more modern and hygienic techniques. That's why most of Mexican girls... yes, exactly... pfff...

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