May 9, 2012

Panis et circus: lucha libre, debate

I am fed up with the terrible niveau of the politics in Mexico. The funniest thing happened last Sunday, when the four candidates to the Presidency –all of them pathetic: corrupt and silly– were about to start a so called "debate". It was no debate at all.

As everything in this country, it's just about the façade and making as-if, as Germans say. As-if they are interested in Mexico, as-if they are honest, as-if they want to improve things...

It was the political version of lucha libre: a wrestling combat in which, as everybody knows, nobody is going to get hurt, where the winner is given in advance, and people just enjoy the wrestlers doing as-if they were fighting each other.

An important character at the lucha libre is the "edecán": the sexy girl who introduces the wrestlers and the rounds.

Last Sunday, being the debate a pathetic copy of a lucha libre, an edecán in a Pippa Middleton similar sort of sexy dress was the most commented figure due to her big boobs trying to escape from their fabric jail. 

In this fucked up country, politics imitates (even) lucha libre. Great!

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Anonymous said...

consider amlo as an option, just consider him. thank you ;)