June 1, 2012

Israelis against African immigrants

I am a big BIG fan of Tel Aviv (the most progressive city in Middle East) and have very good Israeli friends. But the Netanjahu's view and the protests to kick the ass of the Sudanese and Ethiopian immigrants is just aweful. In this BBC reportage, a guy even uses the example of Americans "shooting down" illegal Mexicans crossing the border.

Do they forgot already that their ancestors were once immigrants as well, due to horrible things which caused them so much suffering that pushed them to leave their original countries?

This story even dares to call this week's riots what would be politically incorrect: Night of Broken Glass, because "the windows of a grocery store and barbershop serving the immigrant community, as well as an Ethiopian restaurant, were broken by the demonstrators." Gulp!

"Police arrested 17 people in the riot, most of whom were beating African immigrants."

I hope that the UNO and common sense intervenes here. This is just disgusting and a retrocess in civilized democracy.

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