July 26, 2012

Orange uniforms

A few days ago, somebody mentioned an "Orange uniform of...", and then I added: "Guantánamo?". No, "The NASA". Until then I hadn't thought that much about the similarity of these uniforms. Then, my head went like crazy thinking of orange stuff: street cleaners, Buddhist monks, the amok James Holmes, football players...

 Luke Skywalker

NASA astronaut Richard Husband

Guantánamo prisoner

Amnesty International, Guantánamo protester

 Yogi Rishi Swami Ramdev

Buddhist monks

Cleaners at Mecca

 Cantinflas, El barrendero

 Berlin's BRS street cleaning service

Rio de Janeiro's carneval, Renato Sorriso no Sambodromo

 Milla Jovovich, The Fifth Element

Wilma Flintstone

 Amok James Holmes

Sacha Baron Cohen as Dictator in Cannes

Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson

 Iryna Shayk

Nicole Kidman

 Fanta girl

m&m's girl

 Holland fan


Didier Drogba

Ronaldinho, Barcelona's uniform 2006

Patrick Dempsey, race car driver

 Keith Galloway

Baltimore Orioles

Miami Marlins

San Francisco Giants

Philadelphia/Vancouver Blazers

Dissecting wild cats


Fred Flintstone


Chester Cheetos

 Juicy Vita

 Naruto Uzumaki

Velma (Scooby Doo)

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