January 29, 2013

On being yourself

This morning, as I was attending a course, I started observing the girls in the room. All of them gave me the impression of suffering: their look was so "perfect" or wanna be perfect, that it was boring. It seemed to as if I could almost feel a big social/familiar pressure upon their shoulders and against their chests. "You must look cute". "You must impress". "You have to get the best guy". Whatever.

Except for the girl sitting next to me. She gave the impression of not giving a damn about anything. She was only tired and her mind seemed to be focusing on it. She was in that sense the only one cool. No boots (Mexican girls have no idea about how to wear them, go to Germany!), rather really nice silver sneakers, torn jeans, which were way too big, but stylish. Who the heck is she? She didn't give a shit for me or anybody else.

Later she said something in poor Spanish and with a terrible accent. A French.

Some societies, like this one here, are a burden for being yourself.

Free me!

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