May 3, 2013

On eroticism for kids

Roy Lichtenstein, Nudes with Beach Ball (1994)

Look at this childish work by Roy Lichtenstein. It shows happiness, summer, the girl with the ball has also a cape as if she was a super hero.  She looks delighted, her friends rather worried, the one on the foreground amazed or curious. Lichtenstein did not painted many naked bodies, this is a great one. Looks so natural, that you cannot think of it as eroticism at all.

In his Autobiography, Helmut Newton recalls the first time he saw a naked woman and how he stole a porn magazine from his older brother's table when he was seven.

I had to think about my own experience... Gigi!

Gigi is a Japanese animated cartoon. For me, as I was five, six or seven years old, this was my first encounter with an image of a naked girl. I remember learning by heart the transmission schedule just to be able to check her. It was really erotic: as the small girl metamorphosed in a naked adult, a cloud was covering her, inviting you to imagine the rest and you just wanted that damn cloud to disappear... and when it did she was already wearing clothes. Still, there was a generous glance of her back, her round butt and perfect boob. She danced as a ballerina and knew how to look back over her shoulder. Exquisite feminine!

Then she was wearing some sexy outfit...

I learned that there was a specific number of transformations by chapter (perhaps just one?, don't really remember), so the rest of the time I was chasing something else, just waiting for the next one to happen.