November 5, 2008

Philip Merlan dixit

"It has been repeated so often how great an artist Plato was when compared with Aristotle that I beg leave to call to mind that even as a myth the Timaeus is often ugly or almost ridiculous. Suffice it to mention the little pegs used by the gods in order to keep man together".

"Aristotle's Unmoved Movers" in Traditio (1946), p.9.


Roberto said...

Hahahahaha, Plato is not only a better artist --in the writing sense-- than Aristotle, but a greater philosopher. Most of Aristotle's theory is already in Plato's dialogues...and the Estagirian doesn't even credit his master!

Roberto said...

The Timmaeus is an amazing mecanicist dialogue. Try reading it from the new physics theories.