November 20, 2008


I gave to my Doktorvater the new version of my Dissertation, went to Paris for a congress, where I met interesting people, traveled a little bit, and finally came home in Mexico. I bought a unicycle and gave it to L, as a gift, and we made our first trials to drive it. This is my first experience, and it's cool.

This is the best video I found about the art of riding unicycles. It's a mix of ballet, ice skating and dance.


Roberto said...

You are in Mexico, now?

Let's take a beer!

Sebastian said...

Wow! yo lo he intentado como 4 veces en SM, y las 4 me he caído de buena gana!
Un abrazo y saludos a tu fam, aunque no tenga el gusto

Annika said...

Oh, das ist echt verdammt cool. Nur warum hast du kein video von DEINEN ersten einrad-versuchen hochgeladen? :)