January 5, 2009

Manuel Álvarez Bravo: St. Agatha, St. Lucy

Some days ago I saw this photo by Manuel Álvarez Bravo, whom I might call "The Mexican Cartier-Bresson". In this picture there is an obvious parallelism within the breasts and the eyes.

I thought of St. Lucy, a martyr whose eyes were taken out. Indeed Álvarez Bravo was thinking less of St. Lucy and more of St. Agatha, another martyr whose breasts were cut off (depicted by Zurbarán). That is another reason why he wanted to capture the breasts as well.

Coincidentally both martyrs "met", since Lucy had a vision of Agatha talking to her and healing her mother. Lucy is in charge of the eyes' diseases and Agatha of breasts' diseases. But not only that: Italians back on her feast a breast-shaped speciality called minne di vergine (recipe).

(The eyes are somehow also present in the other picture of Álvarez Bravo, "La buena fama durmiendo": who sleeps has their eyes closed, but in this photo there are some "abrojos", which comes from the words "abre" + "ojos", so that you don't get hurted with these cactus. But that is another anti-surrealist story...)


Guillermo Núñez said...

¡Muy bueno! También está esto: http://www.arthistoryarchive.com/arthistory/surrealism/images/ReneMagritte-The-Rape-1934.jpg


Ojo de Pato said...

Cuando vi la fotografía que presentas de Manuel Álvarez Bravo, recordé inmediatamente los pastelitos "Pezones de Venus" que Salieri le ofrece a Constanza, esposa de Mozart, en la película "Amadeus"...

Anonymous said...

blub.blub! und der mann? wie wird der wohl dargestellt?

Anonymous said...

huh.. thank you for this thoughts )