May 9, 2009

Two examples: "international", "classical"

Photo: Eliot Erwitt

Talking to AD, I realize how "international" we (T & me) are. The last months we have met each time in 5 different countries: Germany, Croatia, USA, Mexico and Italy. And counting, since we will meet next week again in Belgrade. Awesome!

For couples having a Skype-relationship like us, airports have turned to be our "third place", despite Starbucks / You've got mail!.

* * *

1999, Mexico City. I am about to meet JE, but since I came in advance to our meeting point, I take out my PDA and start reading the Metaphysics of Aristotle because I've been working on some project. And then I realize what being a "classical author" is. Tell Aristotle that 2300 years later, somebody would be reading his notes... a. in a still unknown continent; b. translated to a still non-existent language; c. on an unimaginable electronic device; d. by a guy of a unknown race... Sounds as if in year 4300 somebody would be reading a book in an unknown galaxy, etc... Gosh!

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