February 3, 2010

On silence

There are a couple of images in Florence which I have seen concerning silence. This one, for instance, is in San Marco, painted by Fra Angelico.

Last week, a new scandal in a Catholic school: the famous Jesuit school for VI (very intelligent) students, Kanisius. Two Jesuits abused sexually some kids in the late 70's and early 80's. One of them accepted it, long time ago, the other one denies it. Both left the Compañía in the 90's.

The most interesting here is the attitude of the director of the school. He says that he deplores completely the silence, which fuels the badness of the criminals. And deplores the lack of support from the Church, except from the Berlin Bishop. Allegedly he has been trying to break the silence for many years, till he finally succeeded. He prefers to listen. (I don't know him, but at least his attitude in this interview is quite different to what I have seen before. Maybe he is just another liar, who knows...)

Fr. Mertes listening

I cannot help myself thinking of the absurd Legionarios de Cristo and they defense attitude: "God is testing us", "they are lying", whatever bullshit they have been saying for years. Have a look on the "News" site, nothing but cheerful smiles.

But of course, there is no Pater Mertes in the wealthy Mexican Catholicism, where secrecy is such a big value.

Maciel and some kids

Fotos: St. Thomas martyr / Timur Emek / ?

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