November 10, 2010

Back to front: Weegee, Enrique G de la G

I was walking through the Belvedere Gardens in Vienna (2008), when I saw these women sharing a bench, but not a view. I hurried up to make the shot in black/white. No complaint from the woman sporting sunglasses, showing no interest for my interest. Then I walked away to see Kokoschka's obsession for Alma Mahler.

Some days ago I discovered by chance this shot by Weegee called Back to Front (1940). Awesome!


Ana said...

I'm so glad I found your blog!!!!!
I will put at my blog list because I want to visit you frequently.
I almost put Proust's questionnaire at one post.

Ana said...

This is the blog I did put your blog.
I didn't know I was singed with the other account.

Anonymous said...

Really good sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Werde Fotograf!

Enrique G de la G said...

Thanks a lot!