November 2, 2010

One of those happy revolutions

There is a happy musical revolution going on in my life these days, a great experience. I had never discovered so much good music in such a short period of time, without any effort. It is flowing all the time to me, like good vibes, perfect for the timing.

I wrote once already about the Israeli project "1:1". Pseudo Bar Refaeli came to Berlin recently and she brought me the best music from Israel.

Then, since it was impossible to attend that Halloween party, J invited me last weekend to see this new band, Brokof. It was a short, great concert in an empty store of Prenzlauer Berg. Charming guys, the drummer has a unique style, playing while standing. The police came, since there was no authorization for a concert. It was one of those evenings in which you feel like experiencing something for the first time: indie concert in a forbidden place, finishing just on time to avoid the police, great music, never seen a drummer playing on his feet, the singer got so excited that he broke a string of his guitar and started to improvise with it...

And this morning there was this guest-guy posting on Guuzbourg's Filles Sourires an amazing song by Konstantin Gropper, whom I didn't know. But this guy is definitely doing the best visual/musical project you can think of, if you like music inspired by Marx, Seneca, Plinius, which sounds boring but in fact sounds amazing...

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