May 3, 2011

Obama is ridiculous: Vengeance is not Justice

What Obama did with his almost namesake Obama is just ridiculous:

1. USA is, supposedly, a Rechtsstaat, where Law and Justice have found their place. As any other criminal, Osama also deserved a trial. That is exactly why the Law has been established for and what distinguishes a State from a criminal.

2. A historic opportunity has been thrown away. Have a look at the Nürnberger processes or the Eichmann trial in Israel. A trial for Osama would had been a milestone in International Judicial Law, but Obama let the chance slip away stupidly, taking care just of his popularity and reelection. What astonishes me the most is the lack of Tradition and History of the Americans (in Germany we are hyper-sensible to History): the 'move-on' mentality is unidimensional.

3. The Intelligence was obtained in Guantánamo. Through torture? Most probably. Seems that the CIA is rather unable to know as much as they wish and follow the right threads by means of... intelligence.

4. Osama's body was sunk in the middle of the Ocean. New abuse. Getting rid of the proof is the most coward (but effective, given) way of disappearing a problem.

4. Should the Nobel Committee take back Obama's Peace Nobel Prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples"? I wrote already that he didn't even deserve it, so the least thing they should do is, yes, take it back and admit an error or a political failure.

5. The White House conducted a show for VIP people in the Situation Office: the chase of "Geronimo", a criminal who was shot "at the head", as the USA likes to insist. Osama had no weapons, but was dead shot. The only woman in the Office, Hilary Clinton, is shocked, as we all are.

6. Yes, a Mexican belongs to the elite group that killed Osama. Right. But no, that won't tear down the Wall dividing Mexico and USA. Bad PR stunt. And it was a terrible joke to visit the soldier's family with a wrapped flag. 'Your son is not dead, he rather killed Osama', the officials told the parents when they panicked. An even worse PR stunt.

7. No, Osama is not Hitler. Both were mass murders, bastards, but there is still a big difference between a terrorist who killed thousands of innocent people and the leader of the Nazis, responsible for a campaign of exterminating millions of innocent people. Wrong cover by TIME magazine.

8. A friend text me from California telling me how people went out to the streets and celebrated as if the national team had won an important soccer match. I thought this was possible only among the Pejistas in Mexico, but now I take it that our way of expressing the strongest social emotions became soccerized thanks to the effort of the FIFA.

9. I have not had any lost due to al Qaeda or terrorism, or even criminality. But my ex ex had left her hotel that morning of September 11 and was heading to the World Trade Center. In March 2004, I decided the night before not to go by train to Madrid, but by bus, when the bombs exploded. For me, that day, March 11, has been one of the most terrible ever. Couple of years later, I was sitting on a train in Germany: heading the opposite direction, bombs by al Qaeda had been found couple of hours before. This is the closest I have been to terrorism, and I am not interested in getting any closer.

10. Leaders as Obama and USA should show more respect to democratic institutions and laws. George Bush did not obey the UNO and attacked Iraq in 2003, together with Tony Blair. Now this... how to call it? State murder?

11. Lastly, I think that the use of the word "War" should be internationally regulated. To name certain campaigns as "War" -- think of Bush's War on Terror or the so called Mexican Drug War -- is a scam, which leads to a dangerous escalation of violence and, as we just saw, to the disrespect of the Law.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! Thanks for sharing your view and pointing out some facts! good post!

Enrique G de la G said...

Thanx, J!

Anonymous said...

Sehr guter Post!
Aber korrigier mal: Rechtsstaat und Nürnberger Prozess. Ok?