May 6, 2011

Seen in Aarhus

Earlier this week, I had a blitz trip to Denmark, and since I had a couple of free hours in Aarhus, I did a stroll through the city. I was amazed by the colors of the buildings, something completely odd to Germany architecture -- excepting Hundertwasser and Bauhaus.

In any case, very close to the cathedral, right in downtown, I saw a small, charming street with an underground cinema and few people talking and drinking beer. I was tempted to get in, but preferred to walk a bit more. And then I saw this strange concept: Sex Bio.

After doing a brief Google search I found a post + picture from some Danish girl. She wrote:

Line Tscherning, Paradis? (2004)

"This was taken in a street near my building called "Paradisgade" translates into "Paradise Street". It has the smallest and nicest cinemas, which is combined with a place called "the last cafe", actually more of a discoteque but it's the one that stays open the longest in the morning, it,s the sign in the middleground that adverts these two places. As you have probably noticed it also has a sex bio, combined with a sextoy shop, the sextoys are dispalyed in the window behind bars in the foreground. I took this shot the day after I was stopped by the police and given a ticket for not having lights on my bike, going through this street, I was pretty upset, since right next door the cabins of the sexshop are used by prostitutes, and about 200 metres away there's a guy pushing everything from cocaine to lighthergas - But oh no, the lawabiding citizen with no light on her bike was much more important :o) I think that experience explains the green tone making this look like a rather unpleasent place, even though it is a very nice street :o)"

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