June 4, 2011

Doctor degree at the Humbold University

In 2001, I was invited to give a lecture on Borges in Leipzig. It was my first time in Germany. There I met my friend G, who had been the day before in Berlin: "You must go to Berlin, it is your city!". I was reluctant, but he insisted, and so I came to Berlin for the first time.

It was a Monday, October 11, 2001. It was rainy and chilly, I had a big jacket and no umbrella. And the city was as if sleeping. I walked from Zoologischer Garten to Brandenburger Tor, and then down Unter den Linden.

When I entered the Humbold University, I was struck by the Marx quotation in golden letters:

Then I went upstairs and saw a hall with portraits of the professors who had been awarded with the Nobel Prize: Max Planck, Einstein, Hertz, Heisenberg, Schroedinger, Mommsen. Then I went to the wing, where the Philosophy Department is, and my impression just got bigger when I saw the collection of portraits of former professors: Hegel, Schleiermacher, Schelling, Fichte, Schopenhauer... (Later I learned that Kierkegaard, Marx, the Grimm brothers, Heine, Feuerbach, von Bismarck had been some of the most famous students.)

Where the heck am I? That very moment, I decided that I wanted to pursue a degree in that very building.

Yesterday, Friday June 3, 2011, after almost ten years, I got it after successfully defending my Dissertation: "Die Rezeption des Buches Lambda der 'Metaphysik' des Aristoteles und dessen Prinzipienlehre".

It's done.

It is an honor to belong to this tradition of scholars and thinkers who shaped the world.

I am taking the month off, and relocating to Mexico City.



Ana said...

I'm so glad you'll talk about Borges!
I love him and Cortázar and Sabato are my favorites.
I hope you have a nice stay in Berlin.
I went to Munich and loved the city.

Anonymous said...

Freitag der 3.!!!!!! :-)
Alle guten Dinge sind 3!

Enrique Granados said...

Herzliche Gratulation!

Yaotzin Botello said...

Poca madre, mi buen. Otro abrazo por esta vía.

Enrique G de la G said...


S said...

Muchísimas felicidades!!!!! Un abrazo. Ya nos veremos por estos lares.

xlrv said...

Just discovered your blog (searching for the Aphrodite of Cyrene) and now you are going off for a month. Well, I'll be back. Congratulations and have a good move.

dilettantus in interrete said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Und das Blog geht doch weiter?

Enrique G de la G said...


a.o. said...

¡Felicidades Enrique! Re-descubrí tu blog después de años y veo que me he perdido de mucho. Hoy mismo vi tu nombre bajo el título 'Secretario de redacción México': doble alegría me dio. Saludos y vas, a ver si hacemos algo por este país.