October 4, 2011

On mental slavery

The French man is thinking, and reminds me of a Hellenistic sculpture. Jesus is poor but well dressed, with nice pants, which are still white and clean, despite the bleeding arms and head. And she is a third sculpture, a mix between the thinker and the martyr: she is definitely considering the hardness of life, the exhaustion of her days, and the pain of her soul.

Ironically, the film being announced next to her is "Mi pecado fue nacer" (roughly: "Being born was my sin"). The original tittle is "Band of Angels", in which Yvonne de Carlo is sold as a slave...

Better to be a slave of Thinking and Enlightenment, than a slave of Religion and Superstition. "Truth shall free you".

August Rodin, Le penseur (1902)

Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Corona de espinas (1925)

 Enrique Segarra, Mi pecado fue nacer (1957)

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s. said...

no manches! justo ayer cuatro fuí a San Ildelfonso con una amiga, esa foto de Alvarez Bravo es impresionante!

por cierto la exposición esta conmadre.