October 22, 2011

Stupidly superficial

I was on the top of a building yesterday, when my friend S said: Have a look, two helicopters. I was eating my chilaquiles, so it took me a while to turn around. I saw just one.

A few minutes later, a big chaos: policemen, ambulances, helicopters... The guy in the restaurant turned on the TV: a helicopter with some politicians had fallen.

According to The Economist, Mexico is one of the countries with the highest rate of car accidents in the world. More people are killed every year due to road accidents than due to criminal violence. It sounds very stupid, and it is. But when it comes to flying machines, then it is most probably an attack. Like yesterday.

At the evening I went to the spot. Nothing! Everything was perfectly clean as if nothing had happened, there was not a single sing of an accident and people being killed, not a single candle or whatsoever, besides a pieces of wood supporting the gray wall (which by the way looked still very robust).

This is Mexico. And I hate this: today, nobody remembers what happened, the government will never investigate, superficial life goes stupidly on. What a mess!

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