January 11, 2012


 Tom Stoddart, Sudan (1998)

In Germany I got acquainted with the concept "gute Laune Musik", which means "good mood music", i.e., music which you prefer to hear when you are in a good mood, rather than melancholic or sad, for instance, but also music which helps you improve your mood.

I take it that there is also a gute Laune architecture, painting, literature, photography, etc. For instance, this is precisely the purpose of (interior) design: to make you feel cozy at home, with the stuff you have in your hands or you live with.

Martine Franck, Untitled (1995)

A shadow on the wall, a staircase full of magazines and beautiful books, posters hanging from a hanger, a wood table, a funny post...

Enrique G de la G, Brick wall (2012)

Enrique G de la G, Stair (2012)

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