January 26, 2012

Life's small pleasures

This morning I woke up and finished Haruki Murakami's What I talk about when I talk about running. Reading early in the morning in bed and finishing a book is one of those small pleasures of life.

I was enjoying my reading, when I found this short story on the last page:

"In the 1980s I used to jog every morning in Tokyo and often passed a very attractive young woman. We passed each other jogging for several years and got to recognize each other by sight and smile a greeting each time we passed. I never spoke to her (I'm too shy), and of course don't even know her name. But seeing her face every morning as I ran was one of life's small pleasures. Without pleasures like that, it's pretty hard to get up and go jogging every morning".

Hilary Rhoda works out in TriBeCa

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