March 23, 2012

Sex in the cathedral

Earlier this week, I was walking next to the cathedral in downtown. It was 6.15pm.

Right in front of me, a prostitute was hanging from the arm of an uniformed policeman. I started walking slowly to follow them and produced my camera. Unfortunately I did not get a nice shot (too many people, they were turning around, the images are not sharp...).

Still I followed them. They walked around the cathedral, around the patio and the gardens and entered the complex through a service door, said Hi to the guards in a security booth and kept walking through a big patio behind the church. I was then following them from the street, observing them through the fence, when the policeman walked much slower, and the girl was three or four meters in front of him. A man in a suit was coming in the opposite direction. The policeman said: "Good evening!", the man in the suit just nodded. He was clearly the boss.

The policeman turned his face up, to the sky and Heaven, and cursed angrily and silently. His lips said "Puta madre". Then he ran and reached the girl. They entered a bulding in the cathedral complex, and disappeared. I stopped, trying to figure out which kind of building it could be: offices (à la Monica Lewinsky), a convent (à la Marciel Maciel)...?

On the wall, I discovered this image of a burning soul. Hell!

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