November 30, 2012

On towers

 Devil's Tower

Today I had an intuition: we could write (a) History according to the kind of towers we build, since it seems an universal feature.

Why do we build towers at all?

For protection. To reach Heaven and God. For a challenge. To get a better technological signal. Church towers, soldier towers, TV towers, even chess towers.

Here a visual essay.

Pisa (religious)

 San Gimignano (show off)

Leonardo da Vinci (defense)

Alcatraz (defense)

Babylon (defense)

Water towers by the Becher (storage)

 Berlin Wall (defense)

Chinese wall (defense)

Comanche tower (defense)

 Tower at Gaza (defense)

Louis Vuitton (show off, tech)

Ivory Tower (religion)

London (defense, housing)

 Paricutín (religion)

 Babel (challenge)

Gasometer in Viena (storage, housing)

Eladio Dieste's church tower (religion)

Cuba (monument)

Petronas (housing)

Burma (religion)

 South Africa (storage)

Maya tower (defense)

 Minaret (religion)

Lighthouse (orientation)

Taj Mahal (monument)

Medieval (defense)

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