November 29, 2012

V&A Furniture

This week, the London V&A museum announced a new gallery dedicated to furniture. A blast! I am looking forward sooo much to visit it asap.

Hegel's desk at the Humboldt Uni, Berlin

Not that I am an specialist, but when I came the first time to my Kolloquium in Berlin, I was impressed by Hegel's desk, right behind me.

Then, I visited the Kraemers in Paris, and that was the most impressive experience I have had regarding furniture: plenty of Boulles (a magnificent Heraclitus table worth 7 million euro, gawd!) and other exquisite examples. Right after me, Lenny Kravitz was the next appointment, since he also has a cool design collection.

Heraclitus desk by Boulle

Anyways... The new gallery at the V&A has a desk which might have been property of Jonathan Swift, works by Frank Lloyd Wright (such as this chair for the Ward Willits house, back to 1902!), and a super interesting etcetera.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Ward Willits chair

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