December 11, 2012

Breaking the taboo

This is the best docu film I have seen on the useless so called Drug on Wars, which our brilliant ex president endorsed the last six years to bring violence and death to our country, as there are no more urgent problems here.

The docu is made by Brazilians and is meager at bullshit. This is a propaganda film trying to convince you – with arguments, past experiences and alternative examples– that the Drug on Wars is nonsense, is counterproductive and waste of time, money and human drama. The main problem is the political capital politicians are afraid to risk if they do things right.

It's worth watching it.


Ana said...

This is a very serious problem since ilicit drugs is among the three of sources of money for the elite rouling the world with the cost of lives of many.

Poor people are dieng in many countries just to make believe that they are tose who own the money of the traffic of drugs.

Their life expentancy is 25 to 29 years old and they live in terrible conditions.

Ana said...

The documrntary is about the policies that is being used and is not working.

Forbid has never work and will never will.

The politicians don't legalize not because they are concerned with health, no. They are concerned with the money they will lose, as always.

Rehab is not the right approach to take someone from drugs.
There are other approaches and it's about time to talk about everything related to drugs.

It is not a question for policemen.
I haven't seen this documentary yet.

Really good.