December 8, 2012

Ted: White trash names

This is just awesome.

Ok, ok, I went out once with a German girl called Mandy, people knew and people bullied me for that.

* * *

– White trash name, guess.

– Mandy... – No. – Marilyn... – No. – Brittany... – No. – Tiffany... – No. – Candice... – No.

– Don’t fuck with me on this, I know this shit. – Do you see me fucking with you? I’m completely serious. – OK, speed round, I’m gonna rattle off some names and when I hit it, fucking buzz it. – You do it, I will tell you. – You got me? –Yeah.

– Brandi Heather Channing Brianna Amber Sabrina Melody Dakota Sierra Vandi Crystal Samantha Autumn Ruby Taylor Tara Tammy Laura Shelly Shantelle Courtney Misty Jenny Christa Mindy Noëlle Shelby Trina Reba Cassandra Nikki Kelsy Shaunna Jolene Erlene Claudia Savannah Cassie Dolly Kendra Colleen Chloe Devon Emmylou... FUCKIN' BECKY??

– Nope. – Wait, was it any one of those names with a Lyn after it? – Yes!

– OK: Brandy Lyn, Heather Lyn… – Tammy Lyn. – FUCK!


RicardoZF said...


Yaotzin Botello said...

¿Saliste con Mandy? ¿por lo menos se apellidaba Lyn?

Enrique G de la G said...

Jaja, no... No me acuerdo cómo, Wosche o algo así, jaja... Puntos menos en mi CV.

Aide Flores said...