March 1, 2013

Save the wall!

This might sound terrible because this is a paradox. In order to prevent past mistakes and barbaric acts, we have to keep our memory alive. So, in order to prevent beheadings by guillotine, we have to restore guillotines and put them in museums and talk about it. The same goes for concentration camps or the Berlin Wall.

But this week, a stupid investor decided to tear down the Wall (which is not longer a wall but a historic-memory device) because he feels it is not good for his private aims, namely, money. He wants to build a 14-storey apartment building and he needs the wall out of his sight. 

Yeah, right! And what about the people who died there? And the people looking for an explanation when they visit the former Wall? And the artists who intervened it? All that does not matter for plain minded guys.

But ok, shit happens. The problem here is: what about the government? Where is the hero of old days, Wowereit? Where is Merkel? Where is –for fuck's sake– common sense?

As M wrote today on her wall: "Berlin, you were so different when we met!". Yes, indeed.

Join me signing this petition.

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