April 10, 2013

This is a book

I am in mood of reading memoirs and biographical books, being this one the third I read in a row: Helmut Newton's Autobiography. As I discovered it in a nice museum library, I bought it right away. RM Verlag is a very professional publishing house, but in this case the book is a plague of mistakes. I should had bought the English edition.

Nevertheless, I have been devouring the book for the last two nights, and counting.

His Autobiography is –so far– sort of his sexual memoirs. But a more careful lecture shows that pursue of a passion blended with being a lucky guy in turbulent times. He was born in Berlin, a Jew, who had to flew the country in order to survive (his father didn't), and lived in the worst poverty... He still pursued his passion: women at the time (Richard Avedon mentioned something similar, women being the most intriguing "topic" to deal with).

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