April 1, 2013

Trash beach

I just spent a week on a little, cozy beach on the Pacific coast. It was marvelous, as it was absolutely empty. Just a few Canadians and Americans as I arrived, everything perfect.

As the week went down, the North Americans went back to their places, after having spent the whole winter (as much as five months) on the beach.

Then a plague arrived! Mexicans. What a disgrace.

It was a matter of hours. Few dozens of tourists besieged our beautiful, quiet republic... with trash! They are able to spent hours next to plastic bottles, mango debris or chip bags without even noticing it. I spent time cleaning the beach up, but it was useless. Trash on the sand, trash on the streets, trash everywhere.

Churchill famously said once: "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender [...]"

Yes, specially regarding Mexican stupidity.


RicardoZF said...


Ricky Della said...

Sadly you are absolutely right.
I am 100% Mexican and I just can not stand seeing that crap everyday. Not on the beach, but on the streets I walk on every day.
In my opinion that wouldn't happen if government punished people with high fines. That is the way society learns to behave. As you say in English "learn the hard way" England, United States or any first world country you name, was in the past the same way. History has it that in England in Victorian times people would defecate in the streets. Things changed, because government and civilized people started straightening the rest of society by means of actual punishment, high fines and in some cases incarceration. You punish people, they learn. You punish your kids, they learn. IT is a matter of education through punishment.
I once ran out of gas in California and had to walk for about an hour to the nearest gas station. I couldn't believe my eyes on how much rubbish I encounter on the side of the road as I walked on the shoulder of the road. Garbage doesn't pile up or stay on the roads because of the air currents created by traffic.
You could start a gabish picking proyect on your own roads littered by hundreds of careless drivers. Yeap! American drivers. Let's keep our world CLEAN!!! Here in Mexico the government should start putting their foot down.
Not just giving a shit about it.
Greetings from Leon, Mexico.