August 2, 2008

Boros' bunker

After some months of waiting, finally came the 2nd of August, i.e. the day of my appointment to visit Christian Boros' bunker. This guy bought the (during the Cold War so called "Banana-bunker" and in the 90's the "Techno-club-bunker") and moved in. On the top, he built an exact copy of Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavillon.

The collection is awesome, despite of a couple of works which I didn't like at all, or I reject as truly artistic (Santiago Sierra's documentation of some of his actions is a shame on its own). A lot of Olafur Elliason and some other artists whose names I just couldn't retain (most of them I didn't know). But I liked this a lot:

The Vietnam girl's interactive "Fountains" with water, cups and Duchamp's banks.

This marvelous lamp.

This sick guy by some Holland artist, which makes guests of the hotel who see them through the window and don't know what all this is about to call Reception.

This drawings by Elliason (or one of his relatives? ... not sure): he sat on a boat and didn't move the pencil, but the sea itself moved the table and the paper. This is somehow the visual version of Zadar's sea orgel.

Another Elliason work: light projected to a screen through a mirror and steam.

"For whom the bell" is the first work, and somehow it repeats Kandinsky's idea of "seeing" the sound of music. The bell moves with increasingly speed, but since it lacks of clapper. Nonetheless, due to it's velocity, you're able to hear the air waving in the inside rim. Fantastic!

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Miss Luna said...

de nuevo, felicidades por tu blog: está super completo: arte, religión (a veces demasiado Opus), sosias de todo, filosofía! muy bien!