August 28, 2008

Spaziergang in Zehlendorf

Last evening I walked to my videoclub. These are the spots I saw.

A crane, of course! And next to it an erotized fountain.

Kafka's last place in Berlin.

The museum which conserves the car of Eisernen Gustav (Time's article of 1928).

The first railway in nowadays Germany connecting Berlin and Potsdam (1828).

The place where Friedrich Wilhelm I (the heroe of Hegel's father) received the protestants who had to leave Salzburg because of the catholic bishop in 1731.

The only octogonal church I know (1768), and the small cementery attached to it.

A milestone on the road constructed by Friedrich The Great to connect his Berlin Palace with Sanssouci, his summer palace in Potsdam (one Prussian mile = 5,325 m) .

A bizarre Japanese fight training center.

One of the last fixed public telephones (this year 10,000 are being taken away, because mobiles make them useless).

West Berlin Ampelmännchen | East Berlin Ampelmännchen (stamp)

The little forest where a fox lives, and where I once saw a boar.


Sebastian said...

Anda y de pensar que yo fuí alguna vez en metro al mismo lugar!

Todo lo que uno se pierde!


david-. said...

Vives realmente lejos de tu videoclub.

Enrique G de la G said...

Jajaja... como 2.5 km.