September 21, 2008

On drugs' uncoolness

Like always in September, these days Berlin is celebrating the Jüdische Kulturtage. This evening I went to Idan Raichel's great gig. I've listened to Idan Raichel's Project obsessively since S gave me a copy of it 13 months ago. (Actually I would prefer to be posting about Idan, but drugs are now priority.)

I was remembering last September's concert while coming back home. There I met N, a nice and pretty girl who worked (works?) as a model.

One day she told me she was on marijuana. "Why?", I asked her. "I mean: you don't need it, you care as much as Germans care about healthy food, you don't have big stress-troubles, you are doing well in college, and marijuana harms, or at least might harm, your brain". "Well, not at all, since I'm not an addict, I just smoke a little every now and then. And it's cool". (As a flashback I remembered myself the year before calling W "unjoint-cool girl", and her amazed reply: "you're the very first guy who calls me cool because of not being on joint.) I tried to explain to her that being on drugs is more stupid than cool. Impossible. "Is the drug of the intelectuals: as a philosopher you should know it".

When I think about how "cool" (sic) Europeans or US-Americans feel because of being on joint or whatever drugs they prefer, I feel totally sick. I can't even patronize them. Because of all this "coolness" flowing from Latin America to northern societies, my country has been devastated by violence and corruption.


Roberto said...

Drugs aren't cool. It's stupid to think they're cool. All the problems started when they legalized alcohol and tobacco, two "cool" drugs that also affects our brains and we take them just to feel good --or cool?

Anonymous said...

Querido Enrique:

¿Cuándo entenderá el mundo que la guerra contra las drogas está perdida mientras haya consumidores habituales que, además, se enorgullecen de serlo?

Un saludo desde Madrid,

Anonymous said...