June 14, 2009


Some comments concerning Yann Arthus-Bertrand's documentary film Home.

1. The quality of the photography is superb, as superb has been his work. I couldn't see any shadow or reflection of any plane or helicopter in any shoot.

2. The online-version is roughly divided in three parts: 20 minutes of praising the beauty of our planet and explaining its development, 1 hour of terrible problems due to us abusing the Earth, 10 minutes of positive efforts done today.

3. The first part is really interesting and is well connected to the last one: If organisms (plants) manage to live using solar energy, how come we have depended on non renewable energies? We should start developing solutions because -connection to the main part- we are destroying the planet.

4. But the main part is too long and too negative. To make a comparison, it is as long as Jesus' torture on Mel Gibson's film (Passion of the Christ): one gets the point, but they keep going and going, and you just want it to end because you are already feeling sick. Some dose of greenwash...

5. Two ironic elements concerning Home's making-of. First, unimaginable quantities of fuel were used to fly all around the world to shoot it (ok, he is aware of that and started Action Carbone, at least). Second, they criticize that 2% of the richest people control 80% of the resources, while the sponsor was PPR, the luxury company.

All in all, it is worth to watch it not only because of the beautiful images, but first of all because the challenge of thinking in "a green" way appeals and concerns to all of us.

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