June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson: Some memories

I was five and MTV just three years old when I went to RQ's place. We were talking about the moon, since he was dreaming about becoming an astronaut (some months later he gave me the only book on astronauts I have ever read), when he suddenly said: "Oh, you have to watch this", and he turned on the TV, tuned MTV, and we watched Thriller. That's how I remember the moment, but most probably he had the video recorded on his Beta-VCR. That was my first approach to MTV and the "visualization of music", since till then I had never watched a music video.

A couple of years later, the guy living in the front house invited me to his place, and we watched some music videos on MTV. That was my second approach to the channel, since at home we lacked of cable and the ubiquitous parabolic antenna of the 80's. I can hardly remember what we watched, but I suppose it was Michael Jackson again and Guns 'n Roses. I never went again to his place.

Living in Monterrey the white sock was a must even in the 90s. The first time when I wore a suit I was 6 years old, and the second time I was 15. With white socks both times, of course.

My "childhood memories" related to Michael Jackson ended in 1993, when I went to Colorado. LR had a tape for the summer trip with "Black or White" and "Heal the World", which he listened to obsessively. Up to now I cannot stand the "betterment for all"-song anymore, completely sick of it.

At that time Michael Jackson was disappearing from my horizon for good. Michael Jordan had been much more important the last years, and specially that summer, when we read in some kiosk in the Rocky Mountains that his father had been kidnapped. Air Jordan's flights showed to be much more appealing that Michael Jackson's nose, bleached skin, Neverland mansion, and other bizarre stories.

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