June 23, 2009

Paricutín (1943), Capelinhos (1957)

The similarities between volcanoes Paricutín and Capelinhos are unbelievable. Both appeared out of the sudden, either on a corn field owned by hero Dionisio Pulido or in the Atlantic Ocean close to Faial (Azores Islands). Scientist tracked every day the evolution of the new volcano, and nobody died when they erupted. Buildings nearby were covered except for the towers of the church and lighthouse.

Paricutín is an impressive place since you have to take a donkey or a horse in order to get to the church through the forest of big lava stones (at least it was so in the 80's, when I went there). To go to Capelinhos, this time we took a jeep and drove it through the rough roads of Faial. The new volcano melted with the island, and add to it 2.5 square kilometers of surface. There are no strange lave rocks to see, but three hills of smooth ashes and an amazing view of the borderless ocean.

Volcanoes are the best proof that the Earth is somehow alive...

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