December 3, 2009

Bei den Gutmenschen

There is the story of a traveler who stopped by to help an unknown person, the cheesy story of Good Samaritan, which Van Gogh liked so much and painted in different ways. I always thought that the fable is kitsch and very political.

But this year, which for me is already over (the remaining days are like the extra minutes of a soccer game added, in this case, just for the joy of playing), I understood the impact of unknown people in others lives.

2009 is the year in which I met the kindest and nicest "unknown" people in my life, people I had never seen before and that treated me as if we were old friends. The power of "unknown" people is the greatest discovery I have made this year.

One of the most popular quotes of Casablanca are the very last words: "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship". They have summarized my year 2009.

Germans say "Der Ball ist Rund und das Spiel hat 90 Minuten". From tomorrow on, everything is going to be just "Zugabe", extra minutes. And I will start enjoying them visiting Dionisio Pulido's land. I will be offline most of the time for the next weeks... (If you get bored, listen this or this, my favorite tracks of the week).

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